Photo Display Stand

Hi all,

Nicole here with you today with a new use for chipboard albums you may have stashed away. For this project I used a scalloped chipboard album from an Irish store called Crafty Cutting. Their chipboard is fantastic quality and very heavy duty – perfect for this project!

What you will need:

  • Paper, ink and paints of your choice
  • Embellishments
  • Photos
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesives
  • Bull clips/paper clips
  • Chipboard album or pages (mine is 6*6)
  • Hole punch tool

Step 1

I painted my pages front and back in a pale blue colour. On one side of each page I only painted around the edges.

pic 1Step 2

I added some interest to the pages by stamping in Archival coffee coloured ink around the edges of the pages.pic 2Step 3

I cut squares of paper to fit the center of my pages. I only did this for one side of my pages but you could do both sides if you wished.pic 3Step 4

I needed holes in both sides of my pages so I used one page as a template and traced through the holes on it to get the placement and size that the hole needed to be.

pic 4I then used my cropadile to punch the holes. I did this on all the pages so that each page ended up with four holes, two on each side.
pic 5Step 5

Once the holes were punched I glued my papers on, centered between the holes.pic 6Step 6

Time to work on the embellishments. I used these amazing new chipboard shapes from Crafty Cutting. They are a fabulous size and really thick and sturdy too, I can’t emphasise the quality enough!

pic 7I used Tarnished Brass distress stain and covered the shapes with this.pic 8pic 9Step 7

I also gathered some embellishments for the rest of the pages. I cut some jar shapes from some papers I had. I also used the mini Polaroid images on this paper pad for my ‘photos’ on the display model – I didn’t have the energy to go pick and print photos!pic 10Step 8

I used some papers and mini bull clips to make mini ‘clipboards’ for my photos to go onto.pic 11Step 9

I added foam squares to the top of these ‘clipboards’ and wet glue to the bottom. This meant the clip at the top was easily removable to add in new photos etc.pic 12You can see how this works below. The jars were glued down and the embellishments added also. You will need to fully embellish all your pages before the next step.pic 13Step 10

I threaded my pages together with some ribbon. I fed the ribbon in from the front  to the back on each page.pic 14I then tied it off inside and trimmed off the excess ribbon.pic 15I repeated this process for all four sides.pic 16This is how it looks from the front. You do have to be careful not to tie the ribbon loops too tight. If you do your frame won’t fold down flat for storage/posting as a gift etc.pic 17


Once they are all threaded together the album pages will stand up by themselves. You now have a cute way to display photos/notes etc. You can see photos of all the sides below….

final 1final 2final 3final 4final 5final 6


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this idea on using up those chipboard albums!


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