I made a batch of these cards using some super sparkly silver Papermilldirect card. Seriously, the photo doesn’t do it justice, you nearly need sunglasses to look at it! I have a step by step on how to use the card over on the Papermilldirect blog here. ¬†But you can see the card it its fun and sparkly nature below!


The banner was layered on for some dimension, which means the silver card catches the light even more – so if you get one of these from me this year watch out!ūüėÄglitter-christmas-tree-6

Glittery Christmas Card

Hi everyone,

I just want to share a fun anniversary card made for a fun couple!  For this one I used a mix of patterned paper along with Papermilldirect card. The alpacas are a winter stamp set, but considering the wedding was a November wedding it was perfect. Plus the bride loves alpacas! To get one alpaca to face the other I stamped it onto a piece of acetate with a dye ink (any slow drying ink will do). I then laid this over a piece of card and rubbed it over the card. I needed to go over it with a black pen to touch up a few places but it worked well otherwise! I love the mix of patterned paper and the papermilldirect card, it really pairs up well. You can head over to my post on Papermilldirect to see the supplies I used for this.


Alpaca Anniversary Card

Hi all,

I¬†just want to share this fun dimensional heart card made with Papermilldirect’s new¬†pearlised card range.¬†I am really enjoying working with these pearlised cards, they add such a beautiful pop to simple cards for that touch of elegance. This card was made as an anniversary card for my parents!

I cut 5 hearts – two from pink lustre card and three from intensive pink card. I scored these hearts down the middle so I could get a slight fold to get some dimension, and layered them alternating them, with the lustre ending up on top. I added a row of pearls on the centre of the top heart then and on the corners.

You can see the dimension of the heart in this side view below. I added some foam squares in the layers to keep the dimension on the heart. The hammered card stock along with the 3D effect of the heart makes this a simple but eye catching card, and the shimmer on the card gives a beautiful elegant touch! You can see more details over on the Papermilldirect blog.


The card looks quite simple in front view, but the dimension really makes it pop!3d-heart-card-front-view

3D Heart Card

The Plague Charmer available on Amazon*

Author:  Karen Maitland


Would you be willing to pay the price for salvation?

Set in 1361, The Plague Charmer paints a grim picture of a hard life in the town of Porlock Weir, a poor fishing village in Exmoor. The villagers rely on fishing to try carve out an existence, with what they can get from the land to subsidise this. They have little, but what they do have they are grateful for. Superstition is woven throughout their lives, as with many fishing folk, traditions and superstitions are key to survival. The great plague had struck over thirteen years ago, long enough to almost be forgotten. But when it strikes again, the fear rises fast and superstition and anger with it.

Then comes a stranger, plucked from the ocean, who offers to help Рbut the villagers are not willing to pay the price. As the plague spreads in the village the cost becomes that bit more conceivable. There is so much to lose if they pay the price, but so much more to lose if they don’t.

The historical accuracy in this book is excellent, it really made you feel like you understood what it was like to be a poor villager in the 1300’s, and how difficult life really was. Bring in the fear of plague, and on top of that supernatural happenings, how could they not go out of their minds? To us reading it it could simply be a storm. To them, the end of the world. Throughout the book I felt myself really drawn into the characters lives, really wanting some to survive and others to get justice served upon them. But above all, I really found myself grateful I didn’t live in the 1300’s! The book was intense, not a light read, however the complexity of the characters, the woven story lines and the building suspense all made for an excellent read. I would recommend it as a read, and definitely one you stick with past the first few chapters and get stuck into, it is a slow grower, but once you are into it, you are really in!

I received this book from NetGalley for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

This review is also listed on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, NetGalley and Goodreads .

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The Plague Charmer – Karen Maitland

Book: I Hate Zombies available on Amazon*

Author: Shantnu Tiwari


Oh my god, they killed Kenny! Who you might ask? Well zombies, obviously! I started this book expecting just another zombie story, the usual boy meets zombie, boy kills zombie, and boy meets girl along the way, and hopefully doesn’t kill the girl. Instead I get Blue and Shake, the two most unlikely heroes you could find. In it for the hot girls and “deleted” (makes total sense if you read the book, I promise).

It all starts at a party, when they are simply trying to get some hot food and girls, in no particular order. Then Kenny’s dead grandmother turns up and totally kills the party….literally. This then sends them on a journey of zombie killing, army fighting, spooky forest wandering, and much more. You can see why they really hate zombies!

The book throws all seriousness out the window and just takes you on a trip of fun and laughs, and makes you feel like you are really being told the story, even if by two of the least believable stoners out there. Described as a horror comedy, I would say it is more comedy than horror. The two bumbling ‚Äėheroes‚Äô keep you entertained, and there are enough plot twists to keep you guessing along the way, this book is certainly not your typical predictable zombie story. If you want a good and entertaining zombie read then this book is for you, it is a refreshing and very entertaining zombie read.

This review is also listed on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, and Goodreads .

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Book Review – I hate Zombies

Hi all,

Just stopping by to share a birthday card made for a friend (happy birthday again if you are reading this!). He is mad into cars so it had to be car themed. I used a free SVG cuts race car file to create the car on the front. I layered it up with the new Lustre papers from Papermilldirect. These have a beautiful metalic shimmer to them, perfect for a cars paint job! You can see more details on the card over on the Papermilldirect blog.


But here is a peek of all that shimmer, this is beautiful stuff!race-car-card-2

Race Car Card

Book: Certain Dark Things  available on Amazon*

Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia


Certain Dark Things is a story of predator and prey, drugs and drug gangs, violence and bloodshed, all set in an alternative Mexico city – in fact an alternative world. How would you react if you found out after hundreds of years of myths, stories, and movies, that vampires were real? That the world not only had vampires in every city, but that there was an entire vampire genus, different classes of vampire, in different parts of the world. Each vampire class has different traits, different powers, and different needs. But all have the same lust, the same desire for human blood.

This book takes you on a gritty journey through the streets of Mexico, intertwining the more commonly heard stories of drug cartels with vampires. The vampires in this book are not romantic, sexy, lovelorn creatures, looking for a way to fit in with human life. Rather they stand alone as vampires, strong, powerful, unashamedly so, running drugs, using their power and longevity to gain wealth and material gains beyond human comprehension. They use humans when they need to, to do their bidding, or simply as food.

This all makes for a gripping story, with characters that you love to hate, characters you find yourself wanting to survive against all odds, and characters you would be perfectly happy to see as vampire fodder!

It is an enthralling read, with the story taking twists, and turns, fighting along with the characters, and keeping you captive until the heart wrenching end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a much welcome break from what has become almost standard vampire fare.

I received this book from NetGalley for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

This review is also listed on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads and NetGalley.

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Book Review – Certain Dark Things