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Just stopping by with a fun little card using some new to me Lawn Fawn stamps that I got for my birthday last month:) I love Alpacas, so this Lawn Fawn stamp just had to come live with me! I also don’t think he had to be just a Christmas/Winter time stamp, so he will go to someone who loves scarves and alpacas! I stamped him on Papermilldirect White Hammered card and used the coordinating die to cut him out. I don’t have much experience with matching dies, but I have to say, I love them, they make life so easy!

I embossed a panel of Papermilldirect smooth white card with a script folder and added this to a white card base. I die cut a teal scalloped circle, a smooth white card circle and popped the Alpaca onto this. I gave him a cute grey paper pieced textured card scarf, and added some wink of stella shimmer to this. I used the label love stamp set from Altenew for my sentiment.

I hope you love him as much as I do!

alpaca birthday

Alpaca Birthday

So last Sunday (the 17th April) we attended a fun catch up workshop in Ikea Dublin as part of the Live Lagom project we are participating in. You can read all about the project in my posts on my Live Lagom page HERE if you need to learn more about our journey so far.

The morning started off really well with pastries, fruit and tea/coffee. Lets face it, they had me at pastries!

pic 1

After everyone was suitably fed we had some really great catch up’s on how the project is going for people so far. In short everyone is delighted and it is having a really big impact on everyone’s home life, but with minimal effort – how can that not be a winner? I did find myself really wanting an induction hob after hearing a few of the families really raving about theirs.  I think when it comes time to replace my cooker I will definitely be looking at making that change.

We then got introduced to the new ANVÄNDBAR  range. This range is really beautiful, but not only does it look good, it works really well too. Sarah and some of the other coworkers gave us a run through on some of the pieces they had personally tried out, and it was great to hear their experiences with them.pic 2

Cooking terrines, in beautiful terracotta, wine coolers and mini indoor green houses.pic 3

I love these self watering pots, you can see them set up in a range of my images below. The central reservoir you fill with water and plant around this then, and the plants slowly get their water from it. It sits on a white ceramic dish to provent any marks to surfaces.pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7

There was lots of motivation all around the room we were in for the morning, focusing on healthy living:pic 8

Reducing energy:pic 9

And reduce waste and save water:
pic 10

We then had a really informative session on planting for growing your own food from a expert gardener. We all got to plant some seeds of our own. We are patiently waiting to see some sprouts happening from outs!pic 11 pic 12 pic 13 pic 14

We went home with more than just the beginning of an onion plant, we all got a wonderful goodie bag with a focus on the ANVÄNDBAR range, and growing your own. I can’t wait to start using the little sprouting jars in this bag to start trying to sprout the ends of onions, scallions etc – less waste and more growing your own!pic 15

I am really looking forward to getting back into the garden again and setting up a nice growing corner again.

#5: Ikea ANVÄNDBAR & Planting fun

Hi All,

I have this fun tutorial over on the Papermilldirect blog, showing how I made this fun card with a very simple but fun stamping technique……bokeh final

I used a very cool Lawn Fawn stamp set, a brand new toy – the MISTI stamping tool, and some inks to create a background on some beautiful Smooth White Papermilldirect card. Head on over to the blog for all of the details, but here is a little peek below.
bokeh 2bokeh 4bokeh 6 bokeh 8

Bokeh Fun

We have been Living Lagom for a while now – but how have we been doing? Pretty well we think! We have implemented most of the changes we wanted to make and have stuck with them, so we are noticing the improvements.

One of our biggest focus areas was to try and save energy. We spent a lot of our budget on changing all of our light bulbs to LED bulbs. We also got some LED lamps, and some wardrobe lighting. The wardrobe lighting has been a lifesaver – we got the STOTTA battery powered LED light strips. They have turned our wardrobes from dark pits that we used to have to use a torch to find things, to beautiful bright spaces. The image below was taken at the same time of day, just 10 minutes apart- after the STOTTA lights were installed! They run on the rechargeable batteries too. We have switched out nearly all our batteries to these now, it makes you feel so much better about not throwing batteries in the battery recycling bin when they are done.

wardrobe before and after

The UTRUSTA under counter LED kitchen lighting is making similar impact as the STOTTA – they makes things so much easier in the kitchen, especially when you love to cook and bake and do meal preps late into the evening. The only difference with these is that they are mains powered, so are wired in and don’t run on batteries.

We installed all of the LED bulbs, which was a whole weekend task – you don’t realise how many bulbs you have in the house until you start! We had over 30 bulbs to change. We had to add the KOPPLA bulb converters into some of the lights in order to be able to put in the LED’s. This was a much simpler process than it sounds. In fact just to reassure people of how simple it was we even made a little video of this process, on both a lamp and a ceiling light. It literally took seconds and we were running with LED’s.
ceiling installation imagelamp installation imageWe monitored the electricity usage before the LED bulbs went in and after and there was a huge difference – nearly 41% energy saving! This should bring us in line with our estimated 20% saving on our electricity bill over all.

Results from leds

Our other big area of focus was food waste. The food storage containers – Ljust and Behallare for storing food and Fortrolig glass baking dishes for making and freezing meals are all making a big difference – we have definitely reduced our food waste using these as planned.

food waste

One of the products we got was the BOHOLMEN washing up bowl and rinsing basket. This might be the only product that has not worked out as planned for us. We got it for when we wanted to do some washing in the sink, but we found it was just that bit too small, so we just keep using the dishwasher instead. But we didn’t want to see it go to waste, so set it up as a mini recycling center for our coffee grounds. It is in the press under the coffee machine and the used coffee grinds go into it so that they can be used for the garden – they make a really good fertilizer. So it is one less thing going into the bin and one more thing helping our garden!

coffee recycling

We have nearly all of our products in place now, with just one or two projects to be finished up at this stage. But we feel like we have achieved a lot and are seeing a lot of impact so far, and loving the process.

Done list

A lot of the things we have done have made our lives easier, and we barely notice the changes now. Once the change was in place that was it, the change was done but the saving was made. It was so simple to do but the impact has been huge, yet has seamlessly integrated into our day to day lives. It has been really great seeing how much of a change these simple steps has made!

Oh and one last update….we have a new family member – meet Jeff (on the left). A rescue bunny, a new companion for Flopsy (right). He is doing his part for Living Lagom, eating all those carrot peelings, and vegetable scraps!

flopsy and jeff

The Mullen Family


#4: Let there be Lagom light!

Hi All,

I have a tutorial up over on the Papermilldirect blog showing how I created this fun and simple water colour technique card. I would love you to head on over and check it out.

feather 9

There is lovely shimmer on this card from the metallic water colour paint I used too, you can see that  below.

feather 10

It is a simple but fun card, I hope you like it and do go check out the tutorial, you won’t believe how easy it was to make!


Watercolour Feathers

Hi All,

I am a bit late this month with my monthly Christmas card posting. I am to have it completed by the 7th of each month. But college work and life got in the way a bit too much on this one and so I only got it made this weekend, and only blogging now. But hey, at least I still have it done in March! In case you are not familiar with the Christmas card a month challenge issued to my by my friend Sandie over at The Paper Cove you can see the full details in my January card post HERE, and my February card post HERE.

For this months card I had fun with watercolours – the Kuratakai Gansai watercolours. These ones are amazing, so vibrant with so much pigment in them. I stamped and white embossed some snowflakes first. I then used three shades of blue for the background. I simply wet the watercolour card, and dabbed on the colours into the wet card and let them blend and bleed out. The embossed snowflakes gave me a watermark resist effect. I let the paint dry naturally fully.

I then cut some circles, and some snowflakes, and layered them all up, with some crystals for some added shimmer. I left it quite simple so that the background was a real strong focus.

march christmas card

I hope you like this one, and get tempted to join in the Christmas crafting!

Christmas in March

Hi All,

I have a fun card to share from a Papermilldirect project today.  I made a fun Easter scene  with some fun stamps and dies and some lovely colours of Papermilldirect card. I used:

  • Papermilldirect White Hammered Card
  • Papermilldirect Baby Pink Card
  • Papermilldirect Apple Creen Card
  • Papermilldirect Buff Card
  • Papermilldirect Pale Turquoise Card
  • Papermilldirect Plain Teal Card
  • Papermilldirect Marine Blue Card
  • Papermilldirect Daffodil Yellow Card
  • Annabelle Stamps Easter Chick stamps and dies (discontinued I am afraid but there are similar out there)
  • Whiff of Joy Fence Die
  • Silhouette Cutting Machine Grass Cut file

I started off stamping out lots of the eggs and chicks and carts on a selection of colours of card.

eggs 1

I used the coordinating dies to cut out these pieces, but you could of course hand cut.

eggs 2

For the eggs I cut and paper pieced some of them so that they were multi coloured groupings rather than all the same.

eggs 3

I created my scene on a piece of the white hammered card, using a mix of glue and foam tape for dimension.

eggs 4

I then added this onto my card and called it done. I love how happy and cheerful it looks, perfect for Easter greetings!

eggs 5

Easter Greetings