Book: Toru: Wayfarer Returns – Available on Amazon*

Author: Stephanie R. Sorensen

toru cover

Who ever realised that a sewing machine could be so important to a steampunk revolution? Well in Japan in 1852, to Toru and his efforts to drag his nation into a world filled with steam engines, babajis, dirigibles, submarines, all designed to fight alongside the samurai to protect against America’s, invasion it was key. This book is a journey through a changing nation, a story of drastic technology changes clashing with old school Japan. A story of gender boundaries being pushed to the limits – and then further still. A story of a nation’s passion to save themselves – but ultimately having to change beyond what they could ever have conceived, underwater boats, and flying ships used to send off enemies, where before through the centuries it was swords and samurai. With Toru at the helm of all the change he is discovering himself, as much as discovering how much his beloved nation can be pushed. But can they change in time? This book is an exciting read, and a beautiful mix of steampunk and Japanese tradition, leading up to a final crescendo. I really enjoyed the unusual approach to a novel set in Japan.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free for review from NetGalley, but all opinions are entirely my own.

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Book Review – Toru: Wayfarer Returns

Hi all,

So as well as being my husbands birthday recently, it was also my brothers – on the same day in fact.  My brother is a guitarist, so what better a card for him that a guitar? I used a cut file from the Silhouette store that you can find here.

I used Papermilldirect card for this, Ruby Red, Black Smooth, White Linen, and Silver Sandgrain. All cut beautifully and worked so well together as a colour combination. My brother loves the colour red so the red card was perfect! Happy Birthday again little brother!

guitar card

Guitar Card Fun

Book: The Pretender available on Amazon*

Author: Rob Blackwell

the pretender

I had read (and loved) the first book in this series, The Forest of Forever, so I had high hopes for The Pretender. I can honestly say it did not disappoint!

The book starts out high in action, and the pace is kept up throughout. However at no time do you feel like it is action for the sake of action, it is all bringing you on a fantastic journey, continuing Soren’s path of discovery and growth from the first book, and taking it way beyond what we could have ever imagined. This book took the story well past what I could have ever imagined, and I love it all the more for that. I felt like at every moment I was discovering along with Soren. Nothing disappoints me more in a book then when I am able to anticipate what will happen next, and at absolutely no stage was I able to anticipate with this book – I truly loved that about it. I sat and read for the day, and did not once want to put it down, constantly feeling like egging Soren and the rest of the characters on towards the end discoveries. I am purposely not giving away any of the story as I want everyone to read it and experience it for themselves. But I will say, if you have not yet read The Forest of Forever, I would highly recommend reading that first, as I feel it gives you a real understanding of who Soren is in The Pretender, and you can really fully understand his angst, and emotions, and what is driving him. Then once you have read it, you can thank me for recommending the read, and get straight to reading The Pretender and have one of the best reads in the Urban Fantasy / Horror / Supernatural genre in a long time!

I received this book from NetGalley for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

This review is also listed on, Goodreads and NetGalley.

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Book Review – The Pretender

Hi everyone,

I have another Christmascard (sorry, not sorry!) up on the blog today. Instructions on how I created it are over on the Papermilldirect blog. I will say I used Papermilldirect Smooth White card for the white on white effect and for blending the inks onto, and it is just beautiful to work with, really so smooth! So head on over to check it out and see how I created this one. I will be back shortly with a non Christmas card, I promise!

smooth white xmas

Snowy Scene

Hi All,

I am sharing this fun birthday card I made for my husband. He loves his beer, and I wanted to make a fun card for him, so this card was a perfect combination. I used THIS cutting file from SVG Cutting Files and cut it from maize laid Papermilldirect card – it was the perfect colour for the beer. I cut the mug itself from a light grey Papermilldirect card and the foam from a linen grain Papermilldirect card, the texture in this gave a great foam texture.

beer card

I actually cut two layers of the foam for some extra dimension. I also inked the edges of the beer layers to give some more dimension. I glued it all down and added a sentiment with a label set from Altenew.


Beer Mug Card

Hi All,

I have this card up on the Papermilldirect blog, showing a Christmas card I made, featuring a removable tree decoration. It is a fun card, with an extra purpose! Head on over and check it out, and see what you think! I know I keep posting a Christmas card every month, but I am very determined to build my stash and hopefully have a head start come December!!

tag card 1

tag card 2

Card with Removable Decoration