Altered Butterflies

I have a mini tutorial share with you today using some chipboard butterflies from Crafty Cutting. These shapes are always great to alter as gifts or home decor. I decided to alter mine as a set to be displayed as a rabble on a wall/press etc. Top Tip: A group of butterflies is refereed to as a swarm or a rabble. Rabble is obviously a more fun word to use than swarm though!

There are a lot of butterflies included in the packet so great for a big project like this.

pic 1 Step 1

I ‘painted’ my butterflies using Antiqued Bronze distress stain.pic 2 pic 3 Step 2

I wanted my lead butterfly – the one ahead of all the others – to stand out a little bit more. So on this one I covered it with some torn book page pieces. Cover and glue down over the entire butterfly.pic 4

pic 5

Step 3


Use a craft knife and trim around the edges to remove all the excess paper.

pic 6 Step 4

Then use a file and file off any uneven edges etc.pic 7 Step 5

Ink the butterfly to match the others now.pic 8 Step 6

To finish off all the butterflies I stamped over them in embossing ink with a script stamp. I then used a verdigris embossing powder and heat embossed them. This powder gives a multi colour tone on the embossing.pic 9 Here you can see the rabble of butterflies. The variation in colours is from using a metallic paint as a base and the multi colored embossing paper. As the light hits them and reflects in different ways they will shimmer and almost look like they are moving!pic 10


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