Book: The Teleporter available on Amazon*

Author:  Lee Hall

The Teleporter by [Hall, Lee]

Kurt Wiseman is good at one thing – being a drunken layabout. He has a dead end job, no love life, few friends, a mess of an apartment, and in general, life is going nowhere for him. But he has his booze and he seems quite ok with that. Until one day in work he has to actually do some, you know, work. Then things take a turn for the weird. His job is for a mega rich American businessman, who may sound a tad familiar as you read. You may question is he reminding you of one person, or is the entire company a symbol of the corporate, money grabbing epidemic that is slowly destroying our world? But I digress…or do I? Kurt never gave his employers much thought until things got odd. Until a lady got involved. Until a freak accident suddenly turned his life completely upside down. Then it all changed. Kurt Wiseman becomes the epitome of an anti hero. Trying to come to terms with his new talents. Brushes with nakedness requiring an unconventional ‘superhero’ costume. Getting knocked down and not getting back up again. But then, what the hell, getting up again anyway.

In The Teleporter there is much of the world we live in, many reflections of ourselves and society and a much more realistic depiction of a hero becoming story than ever portrayed on the big screen. You will laugh (a lot), cringe, grimace, roll your eyes, and above all, find yourself rooting for the underdog – because after all aren’t we all the underdog?

This book was a free download on Amazon at the time of reviewing, but was not provided for review.

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Book Review – The Teleporter

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