Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group (UK) 

Publication Date: 12th May 2022

When starting this book I didn’t realise it was part of a series. But I quickly figured I was missing out on part of a story – a good part! However, it was still a fantastic read, entertaining, hilarious, quirky, almost slapstick at times. It introduced me to Teagan and the China Shop, and the rest of the crew. I feel like this, the fourth in the series, likely is really showing a development in the story and characters. For me, reading it as a stand alone piece I was still greatly entertained. Teagen is a hot mess with the ability to control objects with her mind – PK. She is even more of a hot mess when her dead brother and sister make an appearance. Then, just when you think she can’t get any more messed up…you get it. She becomes even more of a mess and loses her PK. Chaos ensues. Messy, entertaining, quip filled chaos. Tegan is a disaster, but she pulls through when people need her most. She has a very entertaining manner which as a reader, makes you enjoy every interaction with her.

I really enjoyed this book, and the first three in the series are on my ‘to read’ list now, and I would recommend that all four go on your list. This is a series that has teeth, full of action, a mix of different characters and fantastic writing. I hope it continues for a while, I am excited to read more from Jackson Ford!

*This book was provided by NetGalley for review, but all opinions are my own.

Book Review: A Sh*tload of Crazy Powers by Jackson Ford

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