Book Review – Darke Blood

Book: Darke Blood available on Amazon*

Author: Lee Hall

There are new beginnings, and then there are new beginnings. Everyone dreams of starting off with a clean slate, starting afresh, rewriting who you are and becoming who you want to be. Where better to do this than in in a new town and with new people? For Blake Malone this figurative clean slate soon becomes literal. Looking for his new start he arrives in a small town in a remote forest, under unusual circumstances. His new boss is odd, his new colleague more than quirky, and the local bar ventures into a whole new category of strange.

The story unfolds swiftly from Blake’s first night in the town, with action, intrigue and a lot more questions than answers to keep you turning the pages. The book takes an interesting approach of switching perspectives from one character to another, which at times slightly cuts the pace and flow. However this ultimately serves purpose, and brings you into a very developed world, much more so than if the narrative had been solely through Blake’s eyes. The story culminates by aligning all these narratives and finally answering most of the questions you had been turning pages for. Yet it cleverly leaves you wanting more. Caitlyn, we want to see more of you!

Overall a very fun and enjoyable read, putting an interesting spin on the typical vampire novel, which is difficult to do given the proliferation of the genre. If you were to only read one new vampire book from an up and coming author I would recommend Darke Blood.

I received this book  for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

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Book Review: Crystallum

Book: Crystallum -The Primordial Principles ~ Book One, available on Amazon*

Author: Laney McMann


If you were ever to judge a book by it’s cover this one would definitely win – it is beautiful, and draws you in. But it is more than just a pretty cover, it delivers inside as well as outside. The cover wraps up a tale of good vs evil – but is it as simple as that? The star of the book, Kade, has had a life of her father moving her from place to place, no friends, no boyfriends, and certainly no getting close to anyone. It is a life of secrets, shadows, fear and loneliness. So what happens when she moves to a new town, and suddenly she meets Cole. It is the beginning of a budding romance, but also the beginning of much more – demons, shadows and potentially the end of the world!

The book starts off with a lot of story to wrap your head around, but it is well worth sticking with, it is brilliant plot development, and really builds a lot throughout. There are plot twists that you don’t see coming, and action that has you flipping pages (or clicking Kindle buttons) frantically. There are a lot of questions left unanswered, but leads on to book two perfectly. Speaking of which – I can’t wait for book two!!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free for review from NetGalley, but all opinions are entirely my own.

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