Welcome New Baby Card

Hi All,

I am dropping by today to share a new baby card with you all. This one was for a special friend so it had to be equally as special! I used Papermilldirect card and you can see the list of all I used over on their blog.

I cut out all the elements for my project on my Silhouette. Picking out the card for the baby’s hair and skin was the hardest but this was still possible using the ivory and rich cream card. I then layered all the pinks in combination on the rattle and soother and used the blue and gold for the bottle.

The subtle shimmer from the lustre card is just perfect on this card, and gives the perfect amount of sparkle!


Elegant Birthday Card

I wanted to make a birthday card that was clean and simple but still elegant. I used a colour combination that I have not often used before on this card, and I feel that it really worked.

I mixed patterned paper with Papermilldirect card that complemented it perfectly. You can see full details on the colours used on the Papermilldirect blog. To top this all off I added some green enamel dots. I think it ended up looking very elegant, and the green and buff card combination works very well together!

Unicorn Wall Hanging

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, and everyone seems to know someone who loves them! I have a good friend who is expecting her first baby, and she wanted to add some ‘rainbow’ themed art on the baby’s nursery wall. So I was inspired to make this unicorn wall hanging for her. I used fabric for the base, and felt for the ears and horn. I then used Papermilldirect Apple card for the leaf and eyes details. You can see more information on the card I used over on the Papermilldirect blog. I covered the eyes with glossy accents to give some extra dimension. After that is was adding lots of coloured ribbon in a loose rainbow theme.

I hope the baby likes it as much as the mommy to be did!!

Oh Deer!

I really love Christmas card making, but I always get surprised at how long my list of cards to make is. Every year I find I need to make a few cards that are very quick to make but that can be changed up with just changing colours. For this card design I cut a deer head design out using my Silhouette. But there are lots of dies that will give you a similar shape if you don’t have a Silhouette or other digital cutting machine. I layered a red layer on the card blanks, and placed patterned paper on top of this. In the card below I used a hammered white die cut circle and laid a buff coloured deer head over it.


For the exact same card but in a colour flip I used a buff coloured circle and hammered white deer head. Just by changing these two colours you get a different look to the card.

I had some extra circles and another deer head on my craft desk so I decided to see how I could get yet another look still with this card. I used a rectangular card card base for this one and a different patterned paper. It looks totally different from the first two cards, but still is technically the same. It is amazing what a difference changing the shape and patterned paper combo can make!

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love making cards where the sentiment is the key focus. With Papermilldirect card this is really easy to do, just add in a little bit of patterned paper, a very cute sentiment, and you have yourself a pretty cute Christmas card! You can see my full supply list for these cards here. For this card I cut two simple trees using my Silhouette, and laid them on top of a die cut circle. I offset them and stamped my sentiment on it. I added a layer of the dark green Papermilldirect card, and on top of this some patterned paper.

I love the hammered white card, it gives lovely texture on a simple card.

I used this exact same card formula to create the second card. I cut a different style tree on this one, and added a gold star on top. Again the sentiment was stamped off to the side, and the tree adhered off to the other side. I used red Papermilldirect card this time for the layer, and a different patterned paper.

These small changes make the cards different from one another, yet still easy to duplicate, which is always good for this time of year when making a lot of cards!

Hot Coco Anyone?

I am really loving the new Papermilldirect card blanks in all the colours they come in. I used the Papermilldirect Large Square Buff card base for this card, and centered my card on it, leaving plenty of ‘white (buff) space’ around it, to really let the image shine. The buff card base really goes so well with the reds and greens in the image, and the reds in the patterned papers too. Having pre-made card bases saves so much time too.

I often spend a evening in front of the telly colouring images, and then bring them to my craft room on a free hour or two to make into cards quickly. So having these cards pre-made saves time, and the fact they match all my Papermilldirect card is perfect! You can see more information on this card over on the Papermilldirect blog here. You can also check out the Papermilldirect Christmas competition here. you don’t want to miss that one!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

I love when I can make a card that is super clean and simple, and made only from card stock. Papermilldirect card stock colours all work so well together that it makes these types of cards really easy to put together. I used a file from the Silhouette store that you can see below, which is designed to be a tag. I sized it up to be big enough to fit the front of an entire card. I also didn’t use the back side of the tag with the sentiment on it. I cut the file out and pieced it all together onto a card front. I added a sentiment on the bottom of the white tag part and placed the tag onto a panel of red, and then added this panel onto a card base. I love how bold and striking it all looks!

I used the same wreath, without the tag part on a square hammered white card base. I stamped a sentiment in the center of the wreath. The hammered white card on this one is the real star of the show, it really makes the wreath pop.

Head on over to the Papermilldirect blog to see more details on the card used in these projects!