Book Review – Nocturnal Blood by Villimey Mist

Book: Nocturnal Blood (Available on Amazon*)
Author: Villimey Mist

Nocturnal Blood takes a common vampire narrative and turns it on its head.

What do you expect when you read a vampire story? Blood, violence, sex, gore, some more blood for good measure? Mainstream film and tv would also lead us to expect dazzlingly attractive vampires, with equally attractive sidekicks. 

Well, Nocturnal Blood takes this common vampire narrative and turns it on its head. It introduces you to Leia. Pleasant, naive, polite, eager to please, and crippled with OCD – a mental health condition that leads to a teenage life of cruel and heartless bullying. We then meet Sophie. One of the more popular kids in school, she takes it upon herself to befriend Leia. Once Leia gets over her trust issues (is this a prank? Another stunt everyone is pulling on her? Another bully waiting for the right moment to pounce?) they become good friends. But then Sophie vanishes – well moves to Canada, so as good as vanishes! They keep writing letters to one another, but eventually, the letters stop. Leia tries to move on with her life, but some part of her always misses Sophie.

Then one evening walking home from the library Leia is attacked. It could have ended badly, very badly. Yet out of the shadows steps the long-missing Sophie – and instead, it ends brutally badly for Leia’s would-be attacker. Horrified at first, Leia soon reaches out to Sophie, and this sets off a chain of events. This results in a human/vampire road trip to find a place of refuge. Along the way, they find themselves, discover their true friendship, and discover more than they ever bargained for.

As a vampire tale goes this was quite a break from the norm. No love triangles, no angst at unrequited love, no dilemma at should the vampire turn the human. Instead, it brought the realness of being a teenager, struggling with mental health, abuse, bullying, and many more issues. A coming of age friendship story, where one of the friends happens to be a vampire. Where two young teenagers are discovering who they really are, and what lengths they will go to in order to protect one another, and what they have. There was plenty of blood and drama but rooted in a pretty solid back story. The writing was at times a little clunky, but one would put this down to the author not being a native English speaker. It didn’t distract from the story too much. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable read and one that left me looking for more!

*I received this book for free as part of the authors’ promotional giveaway, but would happily purchase more from her.

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Book Review – Darke Blood

Book: Darke Blood available on Amazon*

Author: Lee Hall

There are new beginnings, and then there are new beginnings. Everyone dreams of starting off with a clean slate, starting afresh, rewriting who you are and becoming who you want to be. Where better to do this than in in a new town and with new people? For Blake Malone this figurative clean slate soon becomes literal. Looking for his new start he arrives in a small town in a remote forest, under unusual circumstances. His new boss is odd, his new colleague more than quirky, and the local bar ventures into a whole new category of strange.

The story unfolds swiftly from Blake’s first night in the town, with action, intrigue and a lot more questions than answers to keep you turning the pages. The book takes an interesting approach of switching perspectives from one character to another, which at times slightly cuts the pace and flow. However this ultimately serves purpose, and brings you into a very developed world, much more so than if the narrative had been solely through Blake’s eyes. The story culminates by aligning all these narratives and finally answering most of the questions you had been turning pages for. Yet it cleverly leaves you wanting more. Caitlyn, we want to see more of you!

Overall a very fun and enjoyable read, putting an interesting spin on the typical vampire novel, which is difficult to do given the proliferation of the genre. If you were to only read one new vampire book from an up and coming author I would recommend Darke Blood.

I received this book  for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

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