Laser Cut Map

Hi all,

Stopping by today with a bit of a different project. I have a hobbiest laser cutter and I am always looking for fun and creative ways to use it. I had used it on wood and leather projects a lot, and then it struck me – I hadn’t made anything from card yet! I wanted to create a stylised map for my mum of their area. They will be moving once retired so I thought it would be a good keepsake. So rather than printing it, I decided to laser engrave it.

I picked the gorgeous Papermilldirect Buff Smooth card for this project. It would stand out well once the engraving created the black lines, and would contrast nicely against the white mount board and picture frame I had. Once I created the file I wanted to cut I started up the laser.

The laser cuts in super sharp detail down to very small detail too. I think you could do something similar on the Silhouette also, but I find this level of detail the laser is better. I can’t show you the before map and the after because I don’t want to show you my parents area (they wouldn’t be happy about that!) but you can see the detail in the map cut below. The lines represent roads, rivers, outlines of fields, streets in estates etc. If you know the area you would recognise it, I will put it that way!

Once cut I mounted it behind some mount board from a Ikea frame. Papermilldirect sells some gorgeous coloured mount board if you need something to pop more, but in this instance I needed white to make the buff card stand out.

I then added this into the frame and the project was done! I have two images of it below to try capture the colour better, without getting the glare from the glass in the photo.

If you wanted to create something like this without a laser you could trace over a map using tracing paper and a pen and just highlight the roads and main identifiable points. Then transfer this to card using a transfer method and go over it with a fine line black pen, or other such technique.


Happy Mothers Day

Hi All,

Just dropping by to share a Mothers Day card. I couldn’t share this yesterday in case my mum saw it, so had to wait until today! I have a full tutorial up on this over on the Papermilldirect blog if you want to see all the colours used, and how I created it.

I hope all you mothers out there had a lovely day and got treated as you should do!


Birthday Balloons

Hi all,

I am dropping by today to share a fun birthday card for a little girls first birthday. On this one I used a LOT of Papermilldirect card in lots of pinks. It is a baby girls first birthday after all! You can see the complete list of the colours and stock I used over on the Papermilldirect blog here.

I used my Silhouette to create some over sized balloons. I ‘tied’ the balloons to the number 1 that I also cut out with the Silhouette. I added them all onto the blue card as the sky. I stamped the happy birthday and to add to the number.  It is fun and colourful, exactly what a little girl wants for her birthday.

Welcome New Baby Card

Hi All,

I am dropping by today to share a new baby card with you all. This one was for a special friend so it had to be equally as special! I used Papermilldirect card and you can see the list of all I used over on their blog.

I cut out all the elements for my project on my Silhouette. Picking out the card for the baby’s hair and skin was the hardest but this was still possible using the ivory and rich cream card. I then layered all the pinks in combination on the rattle and soother and used the blue and gold for the bottle.

The subtle shimmer from the lustre card is just perfect on this card, and gives the perfect amount of sparkle!

Elegant Birthday Card

I wanted to make a birthday card that was clean and simple but still elegant. I used a colour combination that I have not often used before on this card, and I feel that it really worked.

I mixed patterned paper with Papermilldirect card that complemented it perfectly. You can see full details on the colours used on the Papermilldirect blog. To top this all off I added some green enamel dots. I think it ended up looking very elegant, and the green and buff card combination works very well together!

Unicorn Wall Hanging

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, and everyone seems to know someone who loves them! I have a good friend who is expecting her first baby, and she wanted to add some ‘rainbow’ themed art on the baby’s nursery wall. So I was inspired to make this unicorn wall hanging for her. I used fabric for the base, and felt for the ears and horn. I then used Papermilldirect Apple card for the leaf and eyes details. You can see more information on the card I used over on the Papermilldirect blog. I covered the eyes with glossy accents to give some extra dimension. After that is was adding lots of coloured ribbon in a loose rainbow theme.

I hope the baby likes it as much as the mommy to be did!!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

I love when I can make a card that is super clean and simple, and made only from card stock. Papermilldirect card stock colours all work so well together that it makes these types of cards really easy to put together. I used a file from the Silhouette store that you can see below, which is designed to be a tag. I sized it up to be big enough to fit the front of an entire card. I also didn’t use the back side of the tag with the sentiment on it. I cut the file out and pieced it all together onto a card front. I added a sentiment on the bottom of the white tag part and placed the tag onto a panel of red, and then added this panel onto a card base. I love how bold and striking it all looks!

I used the same wreath, without the tag part on a square hammered white card base. I stamped a sentiment in the center of the wreath. The hammered white card on this one is the real star of the show, it really makes the wreath pop.

Head on over to the Papermilldirect blog to see more details on the card used in these projects!