Book:Riders on the Storm (Available on Amazon*)

Author: Rob Blackwell

Could we take a moment for this stunning cover?!

 A book to define a genre!

There is little that Rob Blackwell writes that is not pure excellence and very unique. However when I heard sci-fi western I will admit to a brief raised eyebrow. I am not typically a reader of westerns. If you feel the same let me tell you – this book will convert you. It is a true page turner, I could not put it down until I was finished, and then immediately wanted more.

Set in the year 1883 in the Dakota Territory it is decidedly unsci-fi in many ways. Horses and six shooters are the standard fare. No space blasters, shiny silver space suits and hover cars here. Throw in bandits, stick-em-up bank heists and stagecoach robberies, and it is looking almost decidedly normal. Then comes the twist. The rolling storm clouds, that are squirming, alive with monsters. These are the Vipers and they are impossibly fast, can’t be killed with regular bullets and if they so much as scratch you, well say your goodbyes fast.

Early on in the story we meet Jules Castle – she is a thief, con artist, the daughter of an outlaw and raised among outlaws. She is the best of the best. Whip smart, ruthless and unbeatable with her gun, and with her sister by her side, nothing can stop her, except perhaps the Vipers. She is searching for clues to track down her father, who vanished mysteriously a few years before. However pursued by the U.S army, some of her father’s former posse and not to mention the Vipers how successful can she be?

This book evoked memories of Firefly, but dare I say it, even better?! More Jules Castle please!!

I received this book from the author for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

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Riders on the Storm – Rob Blackwell

Hi All,

If you have been by here before then you will know that I love using up my scraps. This card was one such project. You can see the list of the exact colours I used over at the Papermilldrect blog, but all of these pieces were offcuts from other projects.

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 1

By marking out a grid I was able to use a heart die to punch out heart openings on the linen texture card.

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 3

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 4

I added a piece of each of the colours in behind these openings, added a sentiment, added the panel to a card base and it was done! Very fun and a great way at using up scraps!

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 6

Grid of Hearts

Hi All,

This fun card came from an idea that popped into my head, that I then had to rummage through my stash to see if I had what I needed to create it. With some improvisation I managed to make it happen! You can see a step by step and full supply list over on the Papermilldirect blog. I think it is really fun though, and loved the challenge of making it work with what I had!

Nicole Umbrella Card 8

Under the Weather

Hi All,

This card was made to just build up my stash and work on having more for those occasions when you need them. Congratulations cards are always ones that I seem to need at the last minute, so am actively working on having more in my stash. Information on the card used in this project can be found over on the Papermilldirect blog.

Pirple Heart Congrats 1

Pirple Heart Congrats 2

Purple Heart

Hi all,

One thing I love about Papermilldirect card is how there are so many colours. This means I can match them to almost any of my inks, so my clean and simple cards look very put together with this coordination. You can see all the card colours I used on this project here. I really love how the card pulls out the green inks and balances out the vibrant pinks!

Nicole Green And Pink Floral Mothers Day Card 1

Do you have a favourite card/ink combo?

Nicole Green And Pink Floral Mothers Day Card 2

Bunch of Flowers

Hi all,

I am stopping by to share this card, made with some fun map patterned paper. I kept the sentiment pretty generic on this one, but with the travel themed background you could make it for a going away for someone moving abroad, or going away to college, or even just a birthday card for someone who loves traveling. The use of the angles on this with the circles makes for a lot of interest.

Nicole Red Map Mothers Day Card 1

Nicole Red Map Mothers Day Card 2

Travel in Style

Hi All,

Just dropping by to share another fun make. This one is designed to be pretty colour neutral, and pretty dimensional, with the balloons popping out from the die cut holes on the card. I have a full tutorial over on the Papermilldirect blog for how I did this process, but it is super simple! I love the effect it gives, and don’t you love the colour combo?? I love the linen texture card from Papermilldirect too, it adds so much to a project.

Nicole Pop Out Balloon 9

Nicole Pop Out Balloon 7

Nicole Pop Out Balloon 8

Pop Out Balloon Birthday Card