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If you have been by here before then you will know that I love using up my scraps. This card was one such project. You can see the list of the exact colours I used over at the Papermilldrect blog, but all of these pieces were offcuts from other projects.

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 1

By marking out a grid I was able to use a heart die to punch out heart openings on the linen texture card.

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 3

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 4

I added a piece of each of the colours in behind these openings, added a sentiment, added the panel to a card base and it was done! Very fun and a great way at using up scraps!

Nicole Grid Of Hearts Card 6

Grid of Hearts

Hi All,

This fun card came from an idea that popped into my head, that I then had to rummage through my stash to see if I had what I needed to create it. With some improvisation I managed to make it happen! You can see a step by step and full supply list over on the Papermilldirect blog. I think it is really fun though, and loved the challenge of making it work with what I had!

Nicole Umbrella Card 8

Under the Weather

Hi All,

This card was made to just build up my stash and work on having more for those occasions when you need them. Congratulations cards are always ones that I seem to need at the last minute, so am actively working on having more in my stash. Information on the card used in this project can be found over on the Papermilldirect blog.

Pirple Heart Congrats 1

Pirple Heart Congrats 2

Purple Heart

Hi all,

One thing I love about Papermilldirect card is how there are so many colours. This means I can match them to almost any of my inks, so my clean and simple cards look very put together with this coordination. You can see all the card colours I used on this project here. I really love how the card pulls out the green inks and balances out the vibrant pinks!

Nicole Green And Pink Floral Mothers Day Card 1

Do you have a favourite card/ink combo?

Nicole Green And Pink Floral Mothers Day Card 2

Bunch of Flowers

Hi all,

I am stopping by to share this card, made with some fun map patterned paper. I kept the sentiment pretty generic on this one, but with the travel themed background you could make it for a going away for someone moving abroad, or going away to college, or even just a birthday card for someone who loves traveling. The use of the angles on this with the circles makes for a lot of interest.

Nicole Red Map Mothers Day Card 1

Nicole Red Map Mothers Day Card 2

Travel in Style

Hi All,

Just dropping by to share another fun make. This one is designed to be pretty colour neutral, and pretty dimensional, with the balloons popping out from the die cut holes on the card. I have a full tutorial over on the Papermilldirect blog for how I did this process, but it is super simple! I love the effect it gives, and don’t you love the colour combo?? I love the linen texture card from Papermilldirect too, it adds so much to a project.

Nicole Pop Out Balloon 9

Nicole Pop Out Balloon 7

Nicole Pop Out Balloon 8

Pop Out Balloon Birthday Card

Hi All,

I know I have been bad at sharing my crafty makes on here lately. There has been a lot going on, but hopefully I am back in the swing of things now. I have some projects to share over the coming days that will hopefully catch me up and then get that mojo going again! First up is this simple love card. It can be used for so many occasions, I love having cards like this in my stash. You can see the simple way I created the wreath over on the Papermilldirect blog here too.

Nicole Heart Wreath Card 3

Nicole Heart Wreath Card 5

Nicole Heart Wreath Card 4

Heart Wreath Card

Book: The Teleporter available on Amazon*

Author:  Lee Hall

The Teleporter by [Hall, Lee]

Kurt Wiseman is good at one thing – being a drunken layabout. He has a dead end job, no love life, few friends, a mess of an apartment, and in general, life is going nowhere for him. But he has his booze and he seems quite ok with that. Until one day in work he has to actually do some, you know, work. Then things take a turn for the weird. His job is for a mega rich American businessman, who may sound a tad familiar as you read. You may question is he reminding you of one person, or is the entire company a symbol of the corporate, money grabbing epidemic that is slowly destroying our world? But I digress…or do I? Kurt never gave his employers much thought until things got odd. Until a lady got involved. Until a freak accident suddenly turned his life completely upside down. Then it all changed. Kurt Wiseman becomes the epitome of an anti hero. Trying to come to terms with his new talents. Brushes with nakedness requiring an unconventional ‘superhero’ costume. Getting knocked down and not getting back up again. But then, what the hell, getting up again anyway.

In The Teleporter there is much of the world we live in, many reflections of ourselves and society and a much more realistic depiction of a hero becoming story than ever portrayed on the big screen. You will laugh (a lot), cringe, grimace, roll your eyes, and above all, find yourself rooting for the underdog – because after all aren’t we all the underdog?

This book was a free download on Amazon at the time of reviewing, but was not provided for review.

This review is also listed on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Goodreads .

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Book Review – The Teleporter

Book: Darke Blood available on Amazon*

Author: Lee Hall

There are new beginnings, and then there are new beginnings. Everyone dreams of starting off with a clean slate, starting afresh, rewriting who you are and becoming who you want to be. Where better to do this than in in a new town and with new people? For Blake Malone this figurative clean slate soon becomes literal. Looking for his new start he arrives in a small town in a remote forest, under unusual circumstances. His new boss is odd, his new colleague more than quirky, and the local bar ventures into a whole new category of strange.

The story unfolds swiftly from Blake’s first night in the town, with action, intrigue and a lot more questions than answers to keep you turning the pages. The book takes an interesting approach of switching perspectives from one character to another, which at times slightly cuts the pace and flow. However this ultimately serves purpose, and brings you into a very developed world, much more so than if the narrative had been solely through Blake’s eyes. The story culminates by aligning all these narratives and finally answering most of the questions you had been turning pages for. Yet it cleverly leaves you wanting more. Caitlyn, we want to see more of you!

Overall a very fun and enjoyable read, putting an interesting spin on the typical vampire novel, which is difficult to do given the proliferation of the genre. If you were to only read one new vampire book from an up and coming author I would recommend Darke Blood.

I received this book  for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

This review is also listed on Amazon.co.uk and Goodreads.

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Book Review – Darke Blood

I never seem to have enough birthday cards on hand for those situations when you just need one, and find myself making them last minute. So my aim this year is to try make 2 or 3 birthday cards a month that are targeted at particular demographics, so that my stash of cards is plenty full when I need them. This month I focused on that elusive group – cards for men! I actually find this one quite easy as most men like the clean and simple aesthetic that I quite enjoy doing. I have a full tutorial and supply list over on the Papermilldirect blog.

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 8

This was a fun card that used up a lot of blue scraps – which I have a lot of! I also love the ombre effect of it, the range of colours that Papermilldirect do allows you to do this effect really easily.

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 5

Bow Tie Birthday