Book: Darke Awakening: Embrace The True Darkness (Available on Amazon)*

Author: Lee Hall

Darke Blood is back and throws in your face all manner of things that go bump in the night.

When I was last immersed in the world of Dark Heath, the vampiric threat had been mostly eliminated, Blake Malone had gotten the girl (or had the girl gotten him?) and things seemed to be coming to, dare one say it, a happy ending? But there was a hint of more to come. A town called Dark Heath can never be happy for long – can it? Darke Blood is back and throws in your face all manner of things that go bump in the night. That scream. That rip you to pieces. They don’t leave you with nightmares, they just leave you dead.

This time the danger is worse than anything faced before. Just when our band of misfit heroes think they have confronted the worst of it, another horror surges up and pulls the world out from under them. Dramatic much? Try reading the book! Blake, Caitlyn, and her sister are up for the challenge along with some mysterious help from the forest. There is also a familiar face that arrives in a yellow taxi….

If you read Darke Blood, you need to read this follow up. If you have not read Darke Blood yet, well, as I write this there is a global pandemic. No better time to expand your horizons, and start reading a series that will engage you, chill you, terrify you and yet make you laugh and smile at the same time. My only question is, when is the next book?

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Book Review – Darke Awakening

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