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I am having a lot of fun with my laser engraver lately, particularly when it comes to making gifts for people and personalising them to be something that I know they will love. I recently made a gift for a man who loves Worms. Not the ones you find in your garden, but the retro computer game, Worms Armagedon! So I thought what better a gift than a personalised coaster for his beverage while playing Worms? Then I thought, what is better than a coaster for drinks? One with space for snacks also! So I present to you, the Worms Armagedon snack tray/coaster….

I posed the Worms like they would be in the game and added the radiation symbol from the game for the drink coaster area. I then added some snacks and a little note so that the person knew what it was for!

The that was it, simple and fun – provided you have a laser of course!

Laser Engraved Snack Tray/Coaster

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