Book: I Hate Zombies available on Amazon*

Author: Shantnu Tiwari


Oh my god, they killed Kenny! Who you might ask? Well zombies, obviously! I started this book expecting just another zombie story, the usual boy meets zombie, boy kills zombie, and boy meets girl along the way, and hopefully doesn’t kill the girl. Instead I get Blue and Shake, the two most unlikely heroes you could find. In it for the hot girls and “deleted” (makes total sense if you read the book, I promise).

It all starts at a party, when they are simply trying to get some hot food and girls, in no particular order. Then Kenny’s dead grandmother turns up and totally kills the party….literally. This then sends them on a journey of zombie killing, army fighting, spooky forest wandering, and much more. You can see why they really hate zombies!

The book throws all seriousness out the window and just takes you on a trip of fun and laughs, and makes you feel like you are really being told the story, even if by two of the least believable stoners out there. Described as a horror comedy, I would say it is more comedy than horror. The two bumbling ‘heroes’ keep you entertained, and there are enough plot twists to keep you guessing along the way, this book is certainly not your typical predictable zombie story. If you want a good and entertaining zombie read then this book is for you, it is a refreshing and very entertaining zombie read.

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Book Review – I hate Zombies

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