Sunday was a wonderful day but also a sad day. It was a sad day because it was the final celebration of the Ikea Live Lagom project we have been involved in. It was all about living that bit more sustainably and how Ikea can help you with that journey. You can read all about it here and see all my posts on it here.

So this event was all about a final fun send off, and a thank you to all of us ambassadors. We were greeted by this cute sign…

lagom final 1

We then got taken through a brilliant presentation with some really interesting facts and figures. Then we got treated to a lovely dinner, I only got a picture of the empty table, because everyone had rushed up to get some food!lagom final 6After food we started to get messy and make terrariums, which was very cool. I don’t have many pictures of these in process as we got so stuck in I got too mucky to pick up the camera!
lagom final 2

There was such a great selection of plants to pick from, I fell in love with this one in particular…lagom final 3Here is a shot of our messy work space. You can see my plant pot in the front. This plant was very interesting, it was too big for the vase, so you can simply pull it apart and use the small off shoots for using in a different vase! It will continue to grow and flourish even from the smallest of offshoots then, which is very cool.lagom final 4Here are the final terrariums, with a few other bits we got, along with our certificate of participation in the project. #LiveLAGOM!lagom final 5As part of the evening we were asked to film a short testimonial video for next years ambassadors.  Some of the questions asked were easy.  How did you find your year as a Live Lagom ambassador?  Fantastic, loved every moment of it, and don’t want it to end! Which product has proved the most invaluable? The LED light bulbs, they have reduced our electricity bill, will save us over €144 a year on our bill and over 40% in energy usage. Easy choice to say this was the most invaluable!

Then it was on to a harder question – what advice would you give to the next team of Live Lagom ambassadors.  This one I think I would give as advice for anyone looking to live more sustainably. Look at what in your house is the biggest issue that you think you can make the most impact with. Is it lights? Do you waste a lot of food? Do you have a lot of drafts you want to try block out? Do you want to start recycling and make it easy for your family to do this? Really think about this problem, think about what stops you from making a change to address it currently and how you can make that Lagom change to move towards a more sustainable life!

Overall this journey has been amazing, we have made some really simple changes, that have had such a big impact. They have been easy to maintain and we are constantly looking to see how we can do more. A big thank you to Ikea for including us on this journey, and best of luck to the next cohort!


#8: LiveLAGOM Celebration!

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