I am back with another Live Lagom post, this one with a real difference! It is all about fermenting. We got invited into the Ikea Dublin HQ to learn all about fermenting with Dearbhla Reynolds of The Cultured Club.

pic 2

We learned so much about fermenting, the techniques behind it, the health benefits and much more. We started off with a lovely table set up ready for us to make some food of our own….those knives were sharp, there were a lot of plasters being handed around!

pic 1

We got to try some of Dearbhla’s fermented lemonade, and fermented salsa – both of which were amazing. The salsa can keep for up to 6 months, if you can manage to not eat it for that long that is. It is such a brilliant way of preserving food!pic 3

We then got down to making our own salsa, after getting a lesson in how to do it. Lots of peppers, onion, tomatoes and garlic were chopped (a triple portion of garlic in my case, I do love my garlic!), and seasoned with herbs and spices before adding the brine mix that is the secret to success.pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7

So much salsa – we did great work, and the room smelled divine!pic 8

This is our final result. We have to wait 5 days before it is fermented and ready to go. Then we have a stash of salsa that will keep for 6 whole months, yum! Next on my list to make is kimchi, I love that stuff, and cant believe how easy it is to make.pic 9

Thanks to Dearbhla and Sarah in Ikea for having us in and for such a great workshop!


#7: Fermenting Fun!

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