So last Sunday (the 17th April) we attended a fun catch up workshop in Ikea Dublin as part of the Live Lagom project we are participating in. You can read all about the project in my posts on my Live Lagom page HERE if you need to learn more about our journey so far.

The morning started off really well with pastries, fruit and tea/coffee. Lets face it, they had me at pastries!

pic 1

After everyone was suitably fed we had some really great catch up’s on how the project is going for people so far. In short everyone is delighted and it is having a really big impact on everyone’s home life, but with minimal effort – how can that not be a winner? I did find myself really wanting an induction hob after hearing a few of the families really raving about theirs.  I think when it comes time to replace my cooker I will definitely be looking at making that change.

We then got introduced to the new ANVÄNDBAR  range. This range is really beautiful, but not only does it look good, it works really well too. Sarah and some of the other coworkers gave us a run through on some of the pieces they had personally tried out, and it was great to hear their experiences with them.pic 2

Cooking terrines, in beautiful terracotta, wine coolers and mini indoor green houses.pic 3

I love these self watering pots, you can see them set up in a range of my images below. The central reservoir you fill with water and plant around this then, and the plants slowly get their water from it. It sits on a white ceramic dish to provent any marks to surfaces.pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7

There was lots of motivation all around the room we were in for the morning, focusing on healthy living:pic 8

Reducing energy:pic 9

And reduce waste and save water:
pic 10

We then had a really informative session on planting for growing your own food from a expert gardener. We all got to plant some seeds of our own. We are patiently waiting to see some sprouts happening from outs!pic 11 pic 12 pic 13 pic 14

We went home with more than just the beginning of an onion plant, we all got a wonderful goodie bag with a focus on the ANVÄNDBAR range, and growing your own. I can’t wait to start using the little sprouting jars in this bag to start trying to sprout the ends of onions, scallions etc – less waste and more growing your own!pic 15

I am really looking forward to getting back into the garden again and setting up a nice growing corner again.


#5: Ikea ANVÄNDBAR & Planting fun

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