We have been Living Lagom for a while now – but how have we been doing? Pretty well we think! We have implemented most of the changes we wanted to make and have stuck with them, so we are noticing the improvements.

One of our biggest focus areas was to try and save energy. We spent a lot of our budget on changing all of our light bulbs to LED bulbs. We also got some LED lamps, and some wardrobe lighting. The wardrobe lighting has been a lifesaver – we got the STOTTA battery powered LED light strips. They have turned our wardrobes from dark pits that we used to have to use a torch to find things, to beautiful bright spaces. The image below was taken at the same time of day, just 10 minutes apart- after the STOTTA lights were installed! They run on the rechargeable batteries too. We have switched out nearly all our batteries to these now, it makes you feel so much better about not throwing batteries in the battery recycling bin when they are done.

wardrobe before and after

The UTRUSTA under counter LED kitchen lighting is making similar impact as the STOTTA – they makes things so much easier in the kitchen, especially when you love to cook and bake and do meal preps late into the evening. The only difference with these is that they are mains powered, so are wired in and don’t run on batteries.

We installed all of the LED bulbs, which was a whole weekend task – you don’t realise how many bulbs you have in the house until you start! We had over 30 bulbs to change. We had to add the KOPPLA bulb converters into some of the lights in order to be able to put in the LED’s. This was a much simpler process than it sounds. In fact just to reassure people of how simple it was we even made a little video of this process, on both a lamp and a ceiling light. It literally took seconds and we were running with LED’s.
ceiling installation imagelamp installation imageWe monitored the electricity usage before the LED bulbs went in and after and there was a huge difference – nearly 41% energy saving! This should bring us in line with our estimated 20% saving on our electricity bill over all.

Results from leds

Our other big area of focus was food waste. The food storage containers – Ljust and Behallare for storing food and Fortrolig glass baking dishes for making and freezing meals are all making a big difference – we have definitely reduced our food waste using these as planned.

food waste

One of the products we got was the BOHOLMEN washing up bowl and rinsing basket. This might be the only product that has not worked out as planned for us. We got it for when we wanted to do some washing in the sink, but we found it was just that bit too small, so we just keep using the dishwasher instead. But we didn’t want to see it go to waste, so set it up as a mini recycling center for our coffee grounds. It is in the press under the coffee machine and the used coffee grinds go into it so that they can be used for the garden – they make a really good fertilizer. So it is one less thing going into the bin and one more thing helping our garden!

coffee recycling

We have nearly all of our products in place now, with just one or two projects to be finished up at this stage. But we feel like we have achieved a lot and are seeing a lot of impact so far, and loving the process.

Done list

A lot of the things we have done have made our lives easier, and we barely notice the changes now. Once the change was in place that was it, the change was done but the saving was made. It was so simple to do but the impact has been huge, yet has seamlessly integrated into our day to day lives. It has been really great seeing how much of a change these simple steps has made!

Oh and one last update….we have a new family member – meet Jeff (on the left). A rescue bunny, a new companion for Flopsy (right). He is doing his part for Living Lagom, eating all those carrot peelings, and vegetable scraps!

flopsy and jeff

The Mullen Family



#4: Let there be Lagom light!

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