So here it is D-Day – Live Lagom has begun!

I thought before I explain what we would be doing in this project, that I would first introduce myself and my family. There is just the two of us, living in a 1950’s house, with our pet rabbit Flopsy. She lives in the house with us. She pretty much rules the house!flopsy on rug (1)

We bought our house as a fixer uper and we spend our spare time doing DIY and decorating on a budget, room by room. We love being able to re-purpose and reuse in our home decorating efforts, but not have it look like a thrift shop in our house!

When we saw this Ikea project call, we applied because we thought it was a perfect fit for our lifestyles and the direction we were trying to go. We already recycle everything, reuse as much as possible, harvest rainwater (we have 4 water tanks in the garden so we always have rainwater for gardening, car washing etc), we converted our toilet to a dual eco flush toilet instead of replacing the toilet completely, and lots more things! So we thought, this challenge that Ikea was extending was the perfect opportunity to take things further. Where could we Live more Lagom? We applied and luckily were chosen! The next step was then to set our New Year resolutions for the project. So what did we decide upon?

Our New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. To save on our energy usage, saving money and helping the environment in the process.
  2. To reduce our food wastage, to aim for a 0% food wastage target – aim for 0% and get as close to that as we can achieve!
  3. To reduce heat loss – rugs and curtain liners to prevent heat escaping.

We chose to focus on saving energy because it is a very quick and easy fix that has instant results. Our current electricity bills are on average €120 every 2 months. And that was with us having energy saving bulbs in place already. By converting to LED bulbs this figure should come down.

pic 12small

After switching all of the bulbs out to the IKEA LED bulbs we went down from 10KWh per day to 8KWh per day of usage. This should see a saving of about 20% on our bill. We will have better figures as we get more data on our monitor after the LED bulbs have been installed for a while. Not only that but we are now consuming roughly 60KWh less energy a month, which is placing less demand on the energy grid. If every household reduced by at least this much it would make a huge impact.

pic 9 small

This site here has some really shocking information about food waste. Predominately that there is over one million tonnes of food waste disposed of each year in Ireland. Around 1/3 of this comes from households. Nearly 60% of this is avoidable food waste such as gone off fruit and veg, food past its date etc. I think this is a shocking figure. I want to make sure we are wasting almost nothing. We already compost and our rabbit is a great way of recycling vegetable peelings too! But we need to make sure that we are not throwing away food that has gone off before being used.

pic 2 small

So for our shopping trip in Ikea with the wonderful Sarah Carney of Ikea Dublin, we focused on LED bulbs, lighting, food storage, heat/insulation. Now comes the challenge – operation lifestyle transformation. First the house, switching out all the bulbs and light fittings. Then comes the kitchen – meal planning and bulk meal making to use up all food in the house and storing and freezing food instead of it being thrown out for a start. Then insulating with the rugs and curtain liners. It is time to roll up those sleeves and move into a more Lagom future – it is already a brighter one with all the Ikea LED bulbs I am currently surrounded by!pic 8 small



#3: The Resolutions!

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