What is this? A Christmas card you say? Is it a late posting, or a very early one? Well I am afraid to tell you it is a VERY early one! It is a brilliant idea of my friend Sandie from The Paper Cove. (PS: Check out her fab Etsy Store, she has some gorgeous goodies over there to tempt you with!!) We have agreed to do at least one Christmas card by the 7th of every month. That will give us a stash of cards, more than we usually get done, and will help alleviate the panic and rush to create them just before Christmas. This should take some of the pressure off at such a busy time of year hopefully, and give us more cards to send out to people we don’t usually get time to make them for!

I think this is the best idea ever and Sandie is a genius for suggesting it! So here is my card. I actually made this from scraps of paper on my craft desk from Christmas cards in December, in effect I made it while tidying my desk. It was a nice quick card, because everything was already cut, so it was a case of layering everything until I was happy with the layout and sticking it all together. I love the graphic look of it, I think I will keep along this theme for a few more cards throughout the year!

deer head card 1 watermarked

Thanks for stopping by today, and if you get inspired to join in our little project leave me a comment and let me know!


Christmas in January!?

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