On Tuesday the 8th of December,  I met the lovely project leader Sarah in Ikea for our shopping trip to pick out our Live Lagom project supplies. My other half is away in Dubai for a business trip so I was by myself for this one, but Sarah made it really nice and easy!

It helps that I was well prepared, we had all of our list done up, and all of our measurements worked out before hand. I also had done up a copy of our shopping list on the Ikea shopping list feature, and had that ready to go on my phone. I didn’t print anything, considering there is wonderful free WiFi in Ikea, and it is also better for the environment!

Our trip was scheduled to be two hours, and I joked with Sarah that I am rarely ever that long in Ikea, I am the type of person who gets in and gets out fast. However in this case as some of the products were new to me and their intended use we had a wander around and checked them out. We looked for example at the FÖRTROLIG storage containers I am intending to use for freezer meals, and for leftovers, to make sure I was happy with the size of the ones I have chosen.

IKEA FÖRTROLIG food container

I also wanted to check out particular things like the LJUST containers that I am planning for food storage in the fridge to help prevent food waste.

IKEA LJUST jar with lid

And the LED battery operated STÖTTA lights we are going to install in our wardrobes as we have no access to wire ones in. These lights are great as they are motion sensor, so no way that they will accidentally be left turned on!

IKEA STÖTTA LED lighting strip

It was great seeing the projects and having my thoughts for them and their use made more tangible by seeing them.


I also kept to budget, and was even a teeny bit under, which I was happy about. It felt more Lagom to not be spending more money and buying more things for the sake of it, when I just got what I needed to actually make a change in our house for the better.  For example I did consider buying more Tupperware containers, but then thought, do I actually need them, will they make a difference, or will they just be clutter that I won’t need and will eventually get annoyed at and start to donate?!

So now it is all done, I can’t wait for the products to be ready, and get started on the project fully and start seeing the difference that can be made.Here is just a peek at my list….

ikea shopping list image


#2: Live Lagom Shopping Trip

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