Pencil Holder with a Heart!

pic 5

I love recycling objects instead of throwing them out and this is one of those items. I had a tin that was not really sharp on top so it was perfect to be put to use for something else. I needed a pencil holder in work so I decided that would be what I would turn it into.

Here is how it looked when it started…

pic 1

I coated it in a layer of gesso and then coated the tin roughly with distress crackle paint in broken china. I spread this on with a pallet knife in a rough way and made it thicker at the bottom and thinner as it spread up towards the top.pic 2 When this was dry (I left it overnight) I painted on a coat of silks acrylic glaze in a lovely shimmery brown. I love the effect this gives over the blue.pic 3 I took a wooden heart from crafty cutting and painted it in this brown colour also. When the paint was dry I painted it in clear rock candy crackle paint for a cracked distressed look.pic 4a

I took a piece of paper and tore it to fit the area I wanted. I then crumpled and inked it up to highlight the crumple marks. I unfolded it and adhered it to the side of the tin. The wings are grungeboard wings that I painted in the brown silks and added some blue silks are highlights to. I went with the wings as the tin was reminding me of dragon scales at this point so wings seemed like a good fit! I glued them down with the heart on top. I wrapped twine around the tin and the heart and tied it in the middle.pic 4I had a clay seal that I had made, so I snapped it in half and stuck it above this twine knot to finish it off. And voila called it done…a rather unusual pencil holder!pic 5 I love the texture from the crackle, twine and grungeboard, it is so fabulous all together…pic 6 The heart is the perfect touch for on the piece to really finish it off and it is amazing quality too. pic 7


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