Kraft Album Fun


I have a project share today  from Crafty Cutting using the super cute Kraft albums. I used the 4*4 albums and you can find them on this page here.


  • I took the album apart and painted the cover and then when dry stenciled on it.
  • I then sealed it with a spray sealer with a bit of sparkle in it.
  • While all the pages were out I stamped on them with a script stamp and inked up the edges for interest.
  • I then cut patterned paper to cover the pages. Some pages I covered fully, some I cut a small triangle of paper for and others I cut paper for and tore the edge for more interest.
  • All this paper was glued on to create pockets for tags.
  • All of the album pages were glued at the bottom so that they could hold even more tags.

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7 pic 8 pic 9

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you check out Crafty Cutting a fantastic Irish store!


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