Altered Brush Again!

These altered brushes are becoming my ‘thing’. Possibly because my house requires so much DIY that inevitably brushes end up getting ruined and fit for the bin after a while. If you know me you know I rather recycle than throw out….hence altering the brushes! When the bristles go hard this technique is actually easier so it works out well! No big description today on this one, just a flying visit to show it off with a very brief recap…..

Gesso brush….cover in patterned tissue paper….paint in silks….embellish…..and send to very happy friend who’s name begins with K who kept hinting (outright saying actually!) that she wanted a altered brush!

brush 1

Butterflies and bees are some of my friends favorite things so naturally the embellishments focused on them. The bee is from one of the mod podge me

lt moulds.brush 2


I hope you liked this and can forgive me another brush, I will give them a rest for a while I promise….until the next bout of painting happens in my house and a brush gets ruined – totally by mistake!

Happy Crafting!


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