Hi all,

I am dropping by today with my second post for the new Crafty Cutting design team. Let  me tell you – I had fun with these projects! I love making Halloween decor and the Crafty Cutting Halloween die cut pieces are just perfect to work with. You can find them all HERE – I will wait while you go check them all out!

Ok, you are back then? Lets get started so…

My first project is a piece I made from the Pumpkin diecut. I painted the pumpkin a coppery orange colour and then stenciled over this using a crackle/spider web effect stencil, using black paint. I then stuck a layer of velum in behind the mouth, noes and eyes. I then stuck another pumpkin to the back to make it look better from behind. I then cut a slip of wood and made a groove in it to let my pumpkin stand up in it. In behind the pumpkin then goes an electric tealight (please don’t try using a real candle!). I love the spooky effect it gives!

pumpkin 1 This picture is with the lights o just to give you a better look at the colours and texture on the pumpkin.pumpkin 2

My next project was a door hanging. I love putting these out on the front door as decoration! I used black and orange paper to create the background, tearing off the bottom for a grungy look. I painted one of the spiders red and then used a crackle paint on it and then painted over it in black. This gave me a black spider with red cracks coming through the body. It certainly creeps me out – but then I do have an awful spider phobia! I also added glow in the dark dots to the spider for more fun!

door 1 You can see some of the dots glowing in this photo, I had to turn some lights off so the photo is not the best, apologies!door 2

Finally, what home is decorated without a banner? I made my banner in a similar fashion to the door hanging but used bats and spiders on it.


So that is it for now. I have a few other Halloween projects in the works that I will hopefully share soon!


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