Another Altered Jar!

I couldn’t help myself…when it came to altering jars I had two techniques I wanted to try. The first one I posted here last week. This is my second technique. I am not sure which of the two was messier….this one maybe wins by a fraction though! I have lots of these mini glass jars – they are actually yoghurt pots and are just too cute to throw out when the yoghurt is finished.

What you will need:

  • Jar
  • Modeling paste/ texture paste – this needs to be a fairly thick paste so that it doesn’t slide off the glass
  • Gesso & paint
  • Charms, clay trinkets, embellishments – anything you fancy!

Step 1

Clean the jar thoroughly, removing any labels, oils etc.

pic 1

Step 2

My paste comes in a tube so I squeezed some out onto an artists pallet. I used a spatula to spread it on the jar. You may notice I ignored step 1 – remove all labels. I was curios to see if it was worth the effort of scraping them all off so left it on for this one!pic 2 Step 3

Slather the paste on all over the jar. You can spend time smoothing it out if you like but I liked the really textured look so went for the messy option.pic 3 Step 5

Have all your embellishments ready….I used a mix of clay and resin ones that I made using a silicone mould.pic 4 Step 6

Stick the embellishments into the wet paste – you have to do this before it dries!! When wet the paste will hold the embellishments and ‘glue’ them in place. They will also look more seamless in the piece too as the paste will move up and around the edge of the items.
pic 5 Step 7

When the paste is fully dry (mine took a few hours but I left it overnight to be sure) paint on a layer of gesso. This helps with the next step by giving a good base over the embellishments. The texture paste is easy to paint over by itself. pic 6 Step 8

Before you paint the jar you can use some sandpaper or a file to smoothen out some of the harsher or pointy ridges your texture may have – if you like! Then you can brush off the sanding dust and paint. I started with a base of teal blue.

pic 7

At this stage the gremlins in my camera ate the rest of the painting photos! So lets pretend you can see me do the following:


  • Paint the jar all teal blue
  • When dry paint on a wash of black paint – put some black paint on a craft sheet/pallet and mix a lot of water in it. Brush this all over the jar
  • Let the wash dry slightly then rub off the excess – the more you rub the more blue you expose underneath
  • Then when you have finished you wash(s) – you may want to do more than one – use some copper paint to highlight the embellishments and some of the texture. I used my finger to apply the copper highlights. I felt like I had more control that way.

You can see the finished jar here below….final 1 This is definitely one of those craft projects that looks like a mess all the way through – until you do the last coat of paint!final 2 final 3


Thanks for checking this post out, let me know if you liked this technique for altering a jar or my other one more!


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