Altered Jar

Hi all,

I have had a few days off lately so planned to get lots of crafting and blogging done. But life got in the way instead! I am sharing an altered jar I made today for a swap with a friend.  The swap was to swap a 0.5l ‘Korken’ jar from Ikea. We set the size of the jar and that was it – totally free and easy theme!

My wonderful creative friend (Hi Sandie!) sent me a gorgeous jar altered to be the perfect sewing jar. Very creative use of materials on it and something I really actually needed too! I know she had recently redecorated her craft room so started off trying to alter a jar to suit the room which has a teal accent wall. Then things got a bit out of control, there was lots of paint used, the black paint came out and things got grungy….very grungy. So apologies Sandie, but I hope you do still like it, there is still a bit of teal on it to match your room!

What you will need:

  • Jar
  • Tissue paper (I used white but I guess you could use coloured too)
  • Gel medium
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint colours of your choice and some sponge pieces to use the paints with
  • Embellishments of your choice

Step 1

Rip up some tissue paper into small pieces. Crumple the pieces up and then flatten out. This gives it more texture from all these creases when on the jar.

Step 2

Apply a generous amount of gel medium on the jar and place a piece of tissue paper onto it. Brush over the top of this tissue paper with more gel medium. Continue to glue on the tissue paper, building up as many layers as you like. I covered the lid and the jar. My camera ate the photos of step 1 and 2 here but you can see the tissue paper on the jar in the image below even though I have started painting it.pic 1

Step 3

When it is all dry you can paint the jar. I started off using teal paint and dabbed the paint on with a sponge. I didn’t do full coverage, I left some gaps unpainted. I used a sponge for 2 reasons – it gives a great texture when you stipple the paint on. Also using a paintbrush looks too streaky on it.

When the teal was dry I then used a copper paint to fill in the gaps. I worked on blending out the copper into the teal.

pic 2

Step 4

When the copper and teal was dry I used some black paint to highlight the creases on the tissue paper to show up the texture more. I found using my fingers for this stage was the best way, and gave the most control.

pic 3 You can see the jar with no black paint on it on the left below and the lid with the black paint treatment on the right.pic 4

Step 5

I embellished the lid using some G45 flower metal staples, some chipboard cogs, gems and some other bits and pieces. I used a letter brad in the center of the flower. I used a butterfly that was die cut from metal and embossed and inked up using alcohol inks. Edit: Forgot to mention I stamped on the butterfly and the lid with a text stamp in a faint ink. It is a subtle look, much easier to see in real life!

pic 5

Step 6

I had taken the jar apart to work on it. I used alcohol inks to ink up the metal catch to tie in with the rest of the jar then I put the jar all back together.pic 6


Here is the completed jar….I actually forgot to take pictures of the finished product so Sandie kindly took some and sent them to me.

Altered Jar Nicole 002

Altered Jar Nicole 004

Close up of the top….Altered Jar Nicole 005

Altered Jar Nicole 006 Close up of the colour and texture of the jar….Altered Jar Nicole 014

I am entering this in the Artistic Stamper April challenge – embossing and texture.

3 thoughts on “Altered Jar

  1. I just love your altered jar! It’s so artistic and unique–a one of a kind art piece, my fave!!! 🙂 I saw a pic of it on a challenge I entered and had to get a closer look! So glad I did! I love your style! TFS your inspiring work!!! 🙂

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