Let The Fun Begin!

I have been having a lot of fun with my art journal lately. I am getting tired of making so many cards and having nothing to do with them, I don’t sell many and I don’t have that many people having birthdays etc to give them to. So the journal has become a fun place for me to use up supplies I have been hoarding away and just relaxing and having fun.

I usually work on a page at the weekend or else over 2-3 evenings – it depends on how much drying time the page needs!

This page started with some fun paper. I adhered the number paper to my journal page. It was a bit bright for what I wanted to do so I applied a thin wash of gesso over the top.

step 1

step 3

step 4

I cut out a bunch of elements from the paper collection and used these to tell my story on my page. step 2

For my main focus I used this large panel. I inked the edges of it with watered down distress ink painted on roughly. I then added glossy accents to the balloon and dry glitter over this to give it some subtle sparkle.step 5

While this was drying I finished my background. I put some distress ink on a pallet and added water. I then used a paint brush to apply this to my page and get it to run down the page.step 6 step 7 step 8

I added all my elements on the page when it was dry. I glued things down in the center only and left their edges loose so that I could curl them up a bit for some more dimension. I also used washi tape to make it look like some items were stuck on with it. I love how bright and vibrant the page is yet still a bit muted!let the fun beginTo me this page is a reminder to have fun, smile more and aim high! Lets hope I follow its advice!!



4 thoughts on “Let The Fun Begin!

  1. Thanks Nicole this is a brilliant tutorial, just what I wanted needed to see about how to create an art journal page.
    I too have too many cards that I don’t sell or use myself, and need another creative outlet.

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