Moo Card Challenge

100 Proof Press have a fun challenge at the moment to create your own Moo card using their stamps! A Moo card is like an ATC, but measures 1 1/8″ by 2 3/4″. I had great fun making my mini set, I used a rough travel theme for them. I used lots of 100 Proof Press stamps on them. Everything you see stamped is from 100 Proof Press. I used a map background on all the cards to keep the theme and stamped this in brown archival ink over the distress ink background. I then stamped my focal images in black archival on them all and edged them with black soot distress ink. The images I used are the world globe, train, motorbike and hot air balloon and mini star (in faint grey on the hot air balloon card).

I used some work stickers for the text on them and used some ribbon for a extra bit of fun. Oh and my mini staples….vintage mini stapler, its amazing, love it!! I outlined the words in white gel pen to try make them pop a bit.

This was a really fun challenge, mini creations are always so fun and allow you to be creative and artistic even if you don’t have much free time!

moo cards small


PS: Apologies about the poor quality image, the internal battery on my camera died and so its not working. Waiting on a new one to arrive so I can get it working again but in the meantime I have to use my camera phone!


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