Geeky fun!

Here are some more of my projects for the Sarah Hurley Lookbook Volume 3 using the Sarah Hurley paper packs to make some projects with. I worked with the A Few Of My Favourite things pack on these. As I said the other day I just  love these papers both the design and quality!

First up is a card I made. I wanted to have fun with a card and a bit geeky too! I used the graph paper from the kit and drew a chart on it. I had to check my math on this one with my hubby (a Phd in Physics and maths geek). It is supposed to imply that as time increases so does our love. I added some ink splatters on it to give it a authentic look. A little heart with glossy accents on it adds the finishing touch.


Next up is a mini notebook I altered the front of. I covered it in the moustache paper. I then added a little flag banner and wrote notes on this and doodled on some faux stitching. I then added some fun elements from Sarah Hurley, the cog, moustache etc.


Simple idea but cute and effective!


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