Lookbook Submission Reminder

This is just a quick reminder post about the Sarah Hurley Lookbook submission deadline! You can find all the information on it on this post here….

Your projects can be any type of craft project – a card, scrapbook page or altered piece, it must be made using Sarah Hurley products (you can see everything here) You can email us your submissions for consideration here– all submissions must be received by midnight on 4th November to be considered. We will email successful people within 14 days of this date to confirm details.
A few tips for your submission!
* Your projects look best photographed on a white or neutral background with little or no props and even lighting.
* It helps to have one or two close up shots of any special features or details.
* Your projects look best photographed straight on, not looking up or down or at an angle (you can use angles on your close up shots to show off details or 3D elements)
* When photographing scrapbook pages, you may find it easier to lay them on the floor (near a window is good!) and stand over them to take your picture
* Don’t take your pictures in bright sunny daylight – mid morning or mid afternoon is usually the best I find
* Please make sure your projects are original and have not been featured on your blog or published anywhere else before
* You don’t need to be a professional photographer, we just need a clear, well lit picture that shows off your project well – it can be the best project in the world but if your photo is dark and blurry noone will know!
* Don’t worry about sending instructions or materials lists etc… at this stage – we will ask you for the information needed if you are selected.
We look forward to seeing your projects!

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