Curio Fun!

****Rumour has it that there is something special going on over in the Sarah Hurley Designs store today…I believe all the information you need will be on the Sarah Hurley FB page. Trust me – this is not something you want to miss out on!!****

Now before you get distracted by the little announcement above, Sarah Hurley Designs has a new kit out in her store called Curio. If you like vintage, book paper, butterflies etc then this is the kit for you!

Curio Digital / Hybrid Scrapbooking / Craft Kit by Sarah Hurley Digital & Hybrid Scrapbooking / Cardmaking / Crafts


I love this kit and wanted to create something I could see or use every day with it. So I made a computer desktop background with it….


If you would like to use this desktop for personal use click on the image to be brought to the full sized version.

This kit is a real beauty, so go check it out and get crafting!

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