Digital collage tag

This is my first ever attempt at creating a digital collage. Retro Cafe Art Gallery have a fantastic Las Vegas themed freebie up on offer at the moment. To enter simply download the free collage sheet and use it through any medium you like and then post a picture of your creation on their FB wall. Simple and fun!

I created my tag in Photoshop and used some vintage splatter brushes to age it up a bit. I then cropped out parts of the collage sheet and applied them to the tag. I am not the best at Photoshop but I am happy enough with this for my first attempt at a digital collage!


2 thoughts on “Digital collage tag

  1. Nicole, this is absolutely bohemian fantastic and retro gorgeous! I love the sexy womyn of the past in cards. It is much more my style and how nice to pop over and see a card like this on your site. I guess we really never know what someone’s style is unless we do that! On mine, it is wayyyyyy back because I was designing for 10 kids etc. teams for the last long while so I wasn’t doing my typical bohemian sexy cards. This is such a delight to see all the elements you used and then to be surprised by the last picture. I think I am going to have to subscribe…I hope you have a “by email” on your site. I can’t miss cards like this! Love your SS sista Samara

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