Tin of cards

I seem to have a thing for keeping tins and jars if I think they can be useful. I don’t want to throw them out so I keep them for altering. They tend to get put in a drawer and forgotten about then :/ So I made myself get a tin out and actually alter it! I took this cute round sweet tin.

There was text printed on it on the lid and all around the top too. I decided to use embossing powder to alter it. I used the gorgeous Verdigris from WOW embossing powders as I wanted a vintage look for the tin. I had to be careful not to emboss right to the top of the tin so that the lid would still fit on!

When it was all covered in embossing powder I made some cute little note cards to go inside, keeping the vintage theme and incorporating a bit of nature too with floral papers.

I then decorated the lid very simply. I added a blank label so I could record what I store inside and added a flourish and a Prima chipboard sticker. I didnt want to cover up the embossing powder too much as it give a fantastic colour and sheen! I have tried to capture the effect in the photo below….

I am actually entering this into the WOW April challenge as it fits the theme perfectly – Nature or Vintage inspired!


4 thoughts on “Tin of cards

  1. Hi Nicole, I am Val from South Africa and I am very biased towards Ireland because my brother and his family live there in Kilkenny. I just wanted to stop by and tell you I love your blog. 😀

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