Stamp Storage!!

I have been working hard on getting my craft room all organised after it was finally decorated. I will do full reveal photos soon. In the mean time I thought I would share a handy way I store my stamps. I previously shared my clear stamp binders:

It is simply a cheap A5 deep ring binder. I got A5 plastic pockets for them and cut a sheet of card just slightly smaller than A5. I then stick the sheet of clear stamps to this sheet. When I want the stamps I just slide the card out and peel off the top sheet of plastic off the stamps. This allows me to get the stamp I want and stops the stamps sliding out of the folder when I move it around.

My latest storage was to sort out my rubber stamps and background stamps. I tend to use my background stamps a lot, especially the superb Market Street Stamps ones. 🙂 So I wanted to be able to get to them all easily. So again I went for a A5 ring binder. But I set it up slightly differently inside….

This time I laminated a sheet of A5 card. This gave me a surface to adhere my stamps to (also known as cheap stamp mount!). I stuck one background stamp on each side of this laminated card. I cut out the image of the stamp from the package and added it into the folder. The first image is the first stamp and the second image is the second stamp on the other side of the plastic.

I have a sheet of plastic (saved from packaging) in between the stamped image and the stamps. This is to stop the stamps sticking to the card.

This is a super cheap storage solution, I reckon it worked out at about €3 in total for each folder. To get to my stamps it is literally a case of lift it down from the shelf and peel the stamp off to use it. Super quick and easy 🙂 The rubber stamps are done the exact same except there are a few to the page, and not just one stamp!

While I am sharing some storage let me show you how I store my embossing powders. I used super cheap spice racks from Ikea and painted them white….

I can get two rows of embossing powders onto the rack. Which at the moment is all that I have 🙂 I have a bunch of these spice racks to go up on the wall by my desk to store paint dabber’s as well as alcohol inks etc. I just need to put up the blind first so that I know where I can position the shelves!! The spice racks are great for small spaces though as they are big enough but dont take up a lot of space!


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