Mini advent calendar tutorial!

In Issue 5 of Crafting Ireland we have two advent calendar projects for you. We have a winter advent village on page 45 and a framed advent calendar on page 82. Both of these projects are a big large in scale so I decided to create a quick, simple and small advent calendar to share with you all.

What you will need:

  • Grungepaper sheet
  • Patterned paper
  • Small envelope (I used a C6 size)
  • Paint
  • Embossing powder
  • Number stamps or stickers
  • Embellishments
Step 1
Take your sheet of grungepaper. Mine was 30.5cm long by 15.2cm high (6″x12″). Score in at 14cm and then at 16.5cm. This will give you a 2.5cm spine for your advent calendar and two panels of 14cm width.
Step 2
Paint or ink the edges of your grungepaper in a colour to match your papers. At this stage I also embossed my grungepaper using a snowflake stamp and white embossing powder.
Step 3
Cut your patterned paper to the size you want. I cut mine smaller than the panels so that you could see all the snowflakes I embossed around the edges. Cover the two front panels and the two inside panels.
I added a strip of ribbon to the inside of my spine for a bit more decoration.
Step 4
Cut out 25 tags. I used a die to cut mine out but you could hand cut them or use any shape die you wanted to really. You can then either stamp or add stickers to each tag for the 25 days of Christmas!!
Step 5
To make a pocket inside your calendar for your tags take your envelope and trim some of the top off. The amount to cut off will depend on your tag size. You can see in the image below I trimmed my envelope down to be just shorter than my tags so that you could see the top of the tags when they are in the envelope/pocket.
Step 6
Cover the envelope with some patterned paper to tie it in with the rest of your calendar.
Step 7
Stick the tag pocket to the inside of your advent calendar. Place the tags inside. Embellish the inside as you wish. I have the left hand page left blank so a photo can be added.
Step 8
Embellish the front cover. I placed some holly berries and leaves on mine. I only partially glued them down so that I could slip a tag in behind them and have it kept in place.
This is a nice small calendar that can fit easily on a shelf or coffee table. You simply remove the relevant tag from the pocket inside and place it on the front for the day. For this calendar I kept all my embellishments really simple and flat as it was a gift for a friend who has to travel to Scotland and then Brazil with the calendar!!

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