Its here!

12 days and no post from me, it must be my worst record of non posting ever! I have been super busy with the magazine the last while though, but all the hard work has paid off…issue 3 is ready….If I may say so myself its a whopper of an issue packed full of tutorials from some super talented people, including the fantastic Claudine Helmut!

Can you believe we are on issue 3 already, time is flying! This issue is packed with tutorials, including one from the fantastic Claudine Helmut! This issue also is full of reader giveaways with some fantastic prizes, so make sure to enter them all.

As always, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped with the issue, who submitted projects and who created tutorials and entered the challenge and reader giveaway – Thank you!!

Remember we want to feature your work so if you have any tutorials or projects that have not been published anywhere before and you would like published get in touch with us. Make sure to keep sending in your fabulous projects for submission. If you think you know someone who should be featured in the magazine let us know.

So here it is……click on the logo below to view it!


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