Dandelion and butterfly mirror….

Step 1: Take 1 ikea mirror and paint it a bright blue….

Step 2: Let sit in your craft room not knowing what to do with it for about a month or two after it is painted.

Step 3: Take delivery of the Dandelion Dreams Skipping Stones Design stamp set.

Step 4: Just as you are going to bed decide that you are not going to be able to sleep unless you ink up the aforementioned stamp set.

Step 5: Grab some black archival ink and get stamping

Step 6: Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your stamping frenzy….

Step 7: Finally go to bed….

Step 8: Wake up the next morning with black archival ink on your hands still as you were too sleepy at step 7 to clean up properly.

Step 9: Have a moment of panic thinking that you have been stamping in your sleep – then remember the mirror that you just ‘had’ to finish and relax

Step 10: Go into craft room and have another look at the mirror just to make sure it is as amazing as you though it was with a sleep starved brain – phew it is!

Step 11: Pick up Dandelion Dreams set again and start making a card….

Step 12: Realise you have a job to get to and panic and get ready for work in a rush!!


5 thoughts on “Dandelion and butterfly mirror….

  1. Nicole…..Darling post. I love the format!! THIS.IS.FANTASTIC!!!!!! Just fabulous!! I can’t wait to share it with other SSD lovers!!

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