My little library….

For anyone who knows me well you will know I read a lot. I mean a lot, as in a book a day and more if I am on holidays or sitting out in the garden for the day. My dream home will have a two story library in it and lots of comfy cozy nooks for sitting down with a good book. For the moment my little library will have to do! We have an alcove in our front room that is an arch shape and no piece of furniture will fit perfectly. So we put in built in shelves to make the most of the space.

I had a black chair that I got in the bargain corner of Ikea for €7. It was chipped and scratched but I liked the shape and we needed more chairs we could use for at the dinner table when guests were over, and we had a small budget. I put it in the corner by the mini library. But it didnt quite work in the black. So it was whisked up to the craft room and got a few coats of paint. Again anyone that knows me may recognise that it was painted my favourite colour. It was painted to match the wall in the alcove behind the shelves 🙂

The chair was a little bare when done so I printed of a fabulous graphic from the Graphics Fairy and used the modge podge transfer technique to get it onto the back of the chair. It didnt work perfectly but I guess it just adds to the vintage look! Right enough talking, on to the photos….

Back of the chair with the Graphics fairy image:

The chair in the mini library:

Oh and then I added a seat cushion for a bit more comfort:

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: This is only a fraction of my books, there are bookshelves all over my house, one in nearly every room. Some day my dream of a giant library will come through!!


6 thoughts on “My little library….

  1. Your chair is just adorable. Such a bright, happy color. Love the graphic you used, and I like the shabby chic, un-perfect way it turned out.
    Visiting from the Graphics Fairy. TFS!

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