When is teal not teal?….

When is teal not teal?….When the camera wont co-operate!! Even with a good camera, a light box and plenty of messing around in Photoshop I just can not get the teal on this card to look like it does in real life. In real life the teal pops wonderfully off the white  giving the perfect balance between colour and white space. Here it just looks blah!

I used a strip of masking tape for the stripe along the side and painted it with the same teal acrylic paint I used on the butterfly and the white Wild Orchid cherry blossoms. I even stamped the sentiment using the teal paint – that was surprisingly difficult! Overall in real life this card makes me smile. The photo of it makes me sigh though 😦 Thats just life I guess though!!

Anyway I am entering this into the Wild Orchid Anything Goes challenge on this week, they have an amazing prize up for grabs, make sure you check it out. Also because I have used decorative tape on this it fits into the Moxie Fab World Get Daring With Decorative Tape challenge


4 thoughts on “When is teal not teal?….

  1. Hey Nicole! Thanks for entering the Get Daring with Decorative Tape challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on all the fun! 🙂

  2. This sure looks like Teal to me Nicole, and what a gorgeous card you’ve created. It can be a pain sometimes, trying to get a perfect photo – I have thought many times about buying a light box – are they are any good, in your opinion?
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx

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