Get Daring with Decorative Tape….

Over at Moxie Fab World they are challenging us to Get Daring with Decorative Tape!! They have some stunning projects on show that really inspire you to think outside the box with this one! I have some Tim Holtz tissue tape, but I wanted to do something a bit different with this one. So I raided the tool box and got out a roll of masking tape. I tore off a few strips of roughly the size I wanted. I stuck these to my non stick craft mat (one of the best ever inventions!) and stamped on the tape with a script tape in a lovely olive colour ink. When this was dry I stamped a bird on branch stamp in chocolate ink. I let all these dry and then peeled them off the mat and stuck to the card. I left a slight gap between each piece as I was going for a rough and relaxed look as opposed to straight lines and everything lined up perfectly. I added some sprinkles that actually nearly match the ink perfectly! And voilà, done!!

I love the concept of my card, I am just not sure if it worked out the way I saw it in my head. It is definately one to try again however! Here is a close up shot of the tape and bird..

Make sure to head on over and check out the challenge, its Moxie fab!! 😀



9 thoughts on “Get Daring with Decorative Tape….

    • Thanks Cheryl and Amy. I was wondering if Eel was some new term that I hadn’t been cool enough to hear of yet ;p

  1. Hey Nicole! Thanks for entering the Get Daring with Decorative Tape challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on all the fun! 🙂

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