Day 11..

When I woke up this morning and saw Tim’s day 11 tag I thought, great, that’s nice and simple. Then I sat down at my desk and realised I didnt have anything Tim had for his besides some ink and card for a tag! I cut out my tag and covered with paper from a book. I had a snowflake stamp so I stamped that with a pearl dabber and clear embossed it. I then inked up my tag with the colours I wanted. Then I started trying to make trees. I drew a few out onto paper but none seemed to work on the tag. I was sitting staring at my desk and my eye fell on a left over snowflake from when I was die cutting them the other day. I cut it in half and thought the arms of the flake looked like branches. Hmmmm… So out came some brown scrap paper for a trunk, and green scrap paper for some snowflakes. I cut them all in half and placed them on the trunk/tag in what hopefully looks like  a tree! I added pearl paint for snow on the branches but that didnt photograph too well. Do you like my star on the top of my tree? Its from a broken charm bracelet and is actually a starfish!! This tag is full of improvising 😀

I cant believe there is only 1 day left of the 12 tags. Time flies when you are busy making trees out of snowflakes!! Again I am linking up to the splinter group over at ArtyJen and on the Crafty Alley Ning!


8 thoughts on “Day 11..

  1. Wow! So creative, that tree looks fantastic! A beautiful tag. I don’t have any of the ingredients, either, so I saw your thumbnail over at Artyjen’s and came looking for inspiration. You have most definitely inspired me with your clever and fun improvisations!!! Thank you!!!

  2. This looks great!!! So creative, very impressed with how you made do without going to the craft store for supplies LOL! And the tree is perfect the way you made it 🙂

  3. What an absolutely ingenious way of making your tree, I love the lacy effect it gives, stunning !!!!!! Best tree so far in my opinion ! and another fab tag Nicole xxx

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