Day 9..

Tims day 9 tag can be found over here in all its glory! Again lots of improvising took place. I also simplified it a bit, I tend to lean a bit more to the clean and simple at times. Plus I really didnt have the right type of embellishments for on it ;p My very obliging hubby made the paper rosette for me – once I realised I had to use numbers and sums to work out what size to cut my paper I started whimpering – numbers are really not my forte! So hubby stepped in and to be honest, I think he secretly enjoyed himself 😀 He did a fantastic job, so thank you J! So here is my day 9 tag. Thanks for stopping by and looking. If you feel like sharing yours join in the splinter group over at ArtyJen or else on the Crafty Alley Ning!


4 thoughts on “Day 9..

  1. Well done both of you on your joint tag – how lovely of him to help, mine just doesn’t get the whole tag thing, so stays out of the way when I am playing lol, your tag turned out superb !!!! thanks for sharing – happy weekend xxx

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