Santa marks the spot..

I had seen these corner book-markers on a few blogs and always fancied trying one out myself. It was actually quite quick and easy to make and I think it came out quite well. I used paper scraps for the most of it, so I can see myself making more of these with more scraps! I kept it quite simple, not many embellies or layers, as it has to go in a book and still allow the book to close. The vintage Santa ticket is from Miss Cuitepie. She has a whole set up for grabs – for free, and they are amazing, you should swing by and check her work out!!

I forgot to take a picture of the back but it looks quite neat and tidy. I also included a little plate for writing a message or personalising the book marker on the back. I will try to remember to take a picture and put it up here. For now thats it from me, my pillow is calling. I will leave you with a image of the book marker on a book, as is intended..


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