Purple paisley

I had a bad crafting evening yesterday. I sat down with one project in mind to make. It wouldn’t quite come out right and then I kept getting distracted by other ideas that all wanted out at once. Instead of writing them down or sketching them out I started on a few of them. Simultaneously. Not a good idea, my desk looks like a hurricane has hit it. I made 3 cards, started another 2 and sketched out a gazillion things I want to make. Now if the time fairy can come along and give me extra time to fit the making of them all in it would be superb!

Anyway, I really liked this Raindrop Echo Designs for Whimsy Stamps sentiment. I liked it so much I wanted it to be the focal point of a clean and simple-ish card. Its one of the cards that wasnt really working out for me. I keep looking at it thinking it needs more. But what? Ideas on a postcard please!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Purple paisley

  1. I feel the same, I haven’t got enough time and hand to create all the things in my head. Or maybe my head is too small to store them all LOL.
    Love the card and the qoute too.
    Idea: put three little pearls in the top corner, but I think it is nice anyway. Timi

    • Thanks Timi. Good idea on the pearls, il try that out. I like the thought that our heads are just too small to contain all our creativity!

  2. hahaha! I feel your pain, sister! My crafting table is normally a disaster area!

    It looks like you have a very thin ribbon at the top of the scalloped border. I would try putting a wider one there and one with great color contrast.

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