Round up those scraps!!

Below is a series of cards and gift card holders I have made with the scraps on my desk from the September Crafty Alley kit. I am determined to use the majority of my scraps before I start cutting into new papers! The only things that were not in the kit were the flowers. I am dedicating this post to my flower mad friend Katie – see, I can do girly, and I am getting there with my flowers!! I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Owl card. I love this cute stamp! I would tell you where its from but I lost the packaging and I cant remember!!

This could be a slightly smaller card or a slightly large gift card or money wallet.

This is the perfect size for a gift card!

I quite like this one. It would be perfect for a money wallet. I have it monogrammed & personalised for the recipient.

This one is small card sized but I have a little slot inside for a gift card also. I love the bird stamp on this one, from a recent e-bay bargain – you cant beat a set of Tim Holtz stamps for E6 including delivery!!


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