Thrifty flowers

I am by no means the most flowery girl in the world. I am not a florally obsessed crafter like some out there (I shall name no names, but you know who you are!) However I did see some flowers while out in B&Q and decide I had to have them. Burnt orange hydrangeas….

They look quite good for artificial flowers. Good enough for Binky to try out at least….

But the best thing about these flowers? The €3.50 price tag!! After snipping away at the bunch I now have over 50 flowers, most a bit bigger than a €2 coin.

As I am totally useless with figures my hubby kindly informs me that this works out at about 7cent a flower. I also now have some lovely big fake leaves that I reckon I can use on something. And a long green fake stem. Im not so sure about using that bit, but I sure will give it a try!


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